Organization: Dunes Learning Center
Job Type: Internship, year long
Location: Chesterton, IN
Salary: $300/week plus housing
Dunes Learning Center is proud to carry on a tradition of learning in the dunes that dates back more than 100 years ago by the “Father of Ecology in North America,” Dr. Henry Chandler Cowles. Our residential programs provide a critical and beneficial connection to nature for learners of all ages—inspiring curiosity, scientific literacy, and environmental stewardship. Interpretive Naturalists are key members of the Dunes Learning Center team and are responsible for providing meaningful experiences for children and adults regarding the diversity of ecosystems and cultural history of the Indiana Dunes all year long. They help students create connections, build confidence, and develop a sense of place by providing opportunities to explore, ask questions, reflect, and work together as a team. Our Interpretive Naturalist Internship program provides an opportunity for next-generation leaders to receive training and coaching to develop their naturalist, outdoor education, and resource interpretation skills and techniques.
To apply, see the following link.
Closing Date: 4/01/2021