Organization: Highlands Biological Station
Job Type: Full-Time, Seasonal
Location: Highlands, North Carolina
Salary: $520/week
The Highlands Biological Foundation is recruiting Outdoor Educators to support our summer programming at the Highlands Nature Center. Tucked into a temperate rainforest at the southern edge of the Appalachians, the Highlands Nature Center is part of the Highlands Biological Station, a multi-campus center of Western Carolina University. During the summer it reaches more than 10,000 residents and visitors from across the country. In addition to natural history exhibits, staff offer free daily and weekly programs for the public, weeklong summer camps, and special events. Programs take place in the Highlands Nature Center and adjoining 11-acre Botanical Garden. This position is essential to the success of the Highlands Nature Center. Outdoor Educators are responsible leading summer camps, which encompass a variety of exploratory, placed-based learning from children ages 4-12. Staff will also serve as program support for events conducted by the Highlands Biological Foundation, including evening lectures and programming. They work both independently and as a team under the Camp Director.
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Closing Date: 03/06/2023