Organization: Hitchcock Center for the Environment
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Amherst, Massachussets
Salary: $75,200-$85,000
The Hitchcock Center is seeking an Education Director to guide the direction and vision of HCE’s environmental and climate education programs, including the promotion of greater diversity, equity and inclusion within HCE’s programming. The Education Director actively participates in strategic planning, grant development, program and partnership development, and serves as a member of HCE’s management team. Founded in 1962, the Hitchcock Center for the Environment’s mission is to educate and inspire action for a healthy planet. Instead of simply teaching about climate change, the Center develops hopeful, creative problem-solvers who can take on the challenges of climate change by helping them reconnect to and learn from nature’s efficient systems and develop a problem-solving mindset. It provides opportunities for people of all ages to develop a relationship with nature; leads sustainable engineering and design challenges for youth; teach communication, organization and leadership skills to teens; convenes adults for discourse and civic engagement around climate change and sustainability; and continues to broaden its reach to include communities disproportionately impacted by climate change.
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Closing Date: 11/20/2023