Mentor Program

"Working with (my Mentor) has been invaluable and incredibly constructive. We have had three great sessions that have already directly benefited our programs and organization. Thank you so much for this mentorship program, it's just the best!" — ANCA Mentee

The ANCA Mentor Program fosters partnerships and collaboration by connecting those members who are facing challenges with an administrator experienced in that particular issue. This is a unique service to the nature and environmental learning center profession and is a benefit of ANCA membership.

As a mentee, you will be paired with a mentor whose skills match your needs. As a mentor, you will get a chance to share how you navigated a certain challenge. This is a chance for both mentor and mentee to grow a unique relationship while strengthening the field.

Joining the Program

Step 1: Fill out the Mentor Program Form.

Step 2: Wait for an ANCA staff member to contact you (may take 1-2 weeks).

Step 3: Make first contact with your Mentor/Mentee. Use this work plan to develop your Mentor Plan.

Step 4: More information can be found in the handbooks we have developed for Mentors and Mentees, as well as the ANCA Mentor Program Handbook

First Three Months:

  • Mentors ask these questions: page 7 of the ANCA Mentor Program Handbook
  • Mentees ask these questions: page 5-6 of the ANCA Mentor Program Handbook

3-6 Months:

  • Mentees — How to effectively communicate: page 8-10 of the ANCA Mentee Handbook
  • Expectations for Mentees: pages 3-4 of the ANCA Mentee Handbook
  • Expectations for Mentors: page 3 of the ANCA Mentor Handbook

6+ Months:

  • How to know when it's time to end a mentorship: pages 11-12 of the ANCA Mentee Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions