October 27, 2021

Upcoming Equity Audit and Culture Survey

In our most recent strategic plan, ANCA 2025, we stated a desire to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within our membership and the profession. As an organization and an industry, we have struggled to quantify the data needed to provide critical feedback for improvement. With that goal, this winter we will be asking the ANCA Membership to participate in two surveys, The Equity Audit and The ANCA Culture Survey. Awareness of our strengths and areas of opportunity will be critical to our growth. 

The Equity Audit will assess organizational policies, practices, and performance measurement. We will use the information to decide how best ANCA can respond to the needs of our member organizations. 

The ANCA Culture Survey will provide us with a benchmark of where we are as an industry in relation to overall organizational culture. ANCA members will be asked to share the culture survey with their staff. The survey will provide insights to help us better understand the differing experiences of employees across demographics. Establishing a benchmark will provide a clearer picture of where we are thriving and where we have work to do.

We are working with August Ball of Cream City Conservation & Consulting LLC to conduct this work. Cream City Conservation & Consulting works with environmental and community service organizations to address internal cultures and practices that contribute to workforce homogeneity.

With your help, we will begin to identify and understand whether underrepresented groups feel that decisions are fair, their voices are heard, whether they see opportunities for them, and whether they feel a sense of belonging. On behalf of the ANCA Board and Staff, we look forward to the work ahead and hope you will join us in this effort.