November 07, 2023

2023 Nature Nerd Pins Now Available

Embrace your inner Nature Nerd and support ANCA! 

2023 Pin ChickadeeThe ANCA Nature Nerd Campaign is a way for you to proudly display your nerdiness while also supporting ANCA. With a $30 contribution, you may choose to receive a Nature Nerd pin — join the 2023 "Nerd Herd" and you will receive the Black-Capped Chickadee pin. The chickadee is the state bird of Maine, reflecting the location of The Ecology School, host of the 2023 ANCA Annual Summit.

Your donation, along with all other 2023 Nature Nerd donations, will be invested in the ANCA Operational Reserve. This fund was established to provide ANCA with the financial resources necessary to operate during difficult financial times ensuring that we can continue to provide our members the support and resources they need. 

And if you want to be extra nerdy and extra awesome, please consider increasing your donation. You will have the option of choosing Nature Nerd pins from previous years – they make fabulously nerdy gifts!

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Past Years' Pins

 2016 Pin Moose

 2017 Pin Salamander

 2018 Pin Armadillo web

 2019 Pin Turtle

2020 Pin COVID

2021 Pin ANCA Leaf

2022 Crab