October 22, 2021

Read the Fall "Directions" Journal

Directions CoverHow are nature center leaders growing and transforming their organizations for the better? Find out in the latest issue of Directions, the ANCA journal. With trends in the profession and stories of innovative leadership, Directions is a must-read for anyone in the nature & environmental learning center field. 

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This issue features stories and information about:

The 2021 ANCA Nature Center Leadership Award

  • "Life takes interesting turns. If you’d told me 30 years ago that an English major from Big Rapids Michigan was going to get the national award for nature center leadership, I would have been very amazed to hear that." — Drew Dumsch, President/CEO of The Ecology School

The 2021 ANCA Outstanding New Leader Award

  • "I am incredibly fortunate to have found this profession. So few people today can say that they’re doing deeply meaningful work that the world really needs, but we in this field can." — Mark McKnight, President/CEO of Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center

Using concepts from nature in our work

  • "In the past 18 months, the CCSC has grown thick tree rings — filled with distance learning and self-guided resources for a completely offsite (and largely digital) audience. Our audience now “migrates” to Alaska through virtual programs. We have burn scars from trying, failing, and surviving. Like a V of geese, we traded the lead to ease resistance and to show the way. We developed thicker roots and assessed our organization’s mycelium layer." — Nancy Patterson, Executive Director of the BLM Campbell Creek Science Center

ANCA's upcoming equity surveys

  • “With your help, we will be able to identify and understand whether underrepresented groups feel that decisions are fair, their voices are heard, whether they see opportunities for them, and whether they feel a sense of belonging.” — Jen Levy, Executive Director of ANCA