Organization: Irvine Nature Center
Job Type: Education & Programming, Part-Time
Location: Owings Mills, MD
Salary: $14.50/hour
Position Summary: Earth Friends’ Homeschool Program is seeking a part-time educator to assist in nature-based class for children, 9-14 yrs. old, 5 hrs. a week. A passion for nature, child-led discovery, and cooperative learning are musts! The class is a deep dive into Piedmont native communities (human, florl, and fauna), forest exploration, ancestral knowledge, and wetlands. The educator will assist in planning, facilitating, and documenting weekly investigations, incorporating large amounts of hands-on outdoor exploration of Irvine’s 210 acres of natural lands in all types of weather. They will encourage students to ask questions, explore, and lead their own learning.
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Closing Date: 11/12/2019