Organization: Yellowstone Forever
Job Type: Education & Programming, Full-Time/Year Round/ Expemt
Location: Yellowstone National Park, WY & Gardiner, MT
Salary: Starting $36,000.
Naturalist I are part of a progressive and dedicated Institute team responsible for the largely independent development and delivery of in-depth world-class educational programs in Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding ecosystem, important to executing the mission, drawing on expertise in the field(s). As a naturalist, they must be knowledgeable about many aspects of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem including the natural history, ecology, geology, and cultural history of the region; the identification, biology, behavior, and habitat of the wildlife; and ongoing resource management issues and preservation efforts in the ecosystem. As an educator, they independently teach a wide array of programs for children and adults, ranging in length from one hour to over a week, and incorporating many disciplines including both art and science. Program types include youth and college, private tours, teacher workshops, adult programs, and philanthropic programs. They are experienced outdoor leaders who create a comfortable learning environment while keeping their participants safe in inclement weather, wildlife habitat, and while driving them in Institute vehicles.
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