Organization: Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Job Type: Education & Programming, Full-Time
Location: Springdale, AR
Salary: $54021
The Nature Center Manager is responsible for managing the nature center facility, supervising nature center staff, and public conservation education. This position is governed by state and federal laws and agency policy. Supervises the purchase of nature center inventory, including soft goods, gifts, souvenirs, and sundry items, which are focused on the mission of the nature center. Oversees public programs, events, meeting rooms, and exhibits at the nature center. Seeks, obtains, and manages grants, donations, and sponsorships for programs and exhibits. Presents programs to the public, such as schools and community organizations, representing both the agency and the nature center. Performs administrative duties, such as compiling data for budget preparation, developing and revising bookstore policies and procedures, and compiling and maintain data for preparation of required reports. Solves problems, including visitor complaints, employee/volunteer performance, mechanical malfunctions, and safety issues. Performs other duties as assigned.
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Closing Date: 08/15/2019