Concurrent Sessions

THE SUMMIT INCLUDES four formats of concurrent sessions, all of which offer ANCA Members the opportunity to join their peers and contribute to the conversation. We invite all to attend, from those new to the profession to seasoned veterans.

Facilitated Discussions

Facilitated Discussions are a unique feature of the ANCA Summit. Instead of a single voice presenting information, all attendees enrich the discussion by contributing ideas and experiences. The result is a shared dialogue that brings out an abundance of perspectives, possibilities, and renewed energy. We invite all attendees to participate in the discussion and bring their questions, challenges, and solutions to the conversation.

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions invite a group of people to discuss and share their experience with a specific topic. Attendees will be invited to ask and answer questions and participate in the conversation.

Facilitated Presentations

These sessions begin with a presentation, providing an opportunity to learn about new programs and ideas from a fellow ANCA member. The remaining time will allow for a group discussion on the topic, led by the presenter.

Open Space Discussions

Open Space Discussions will provide an opportunity for participants to create their own meeting, continue a session that needs more time, or find a group to address an issue that was not presented elsewhere during the Summit.


Session topics will include:

  • Equity-Centered Programs
  • Managing Multiple Properties
  • Capital Campaigns & Construction in the COVID Era
  • Nature Centers and Climate Change
  • Exhibit Design for the 21st century
  • Building and Maintaining a Board
  • Using Research and Evaluation
  • Teen Programming
  • Visitor Engagement Gone Mobile: Interactive Maps and Digital Guides
  • Education Involving Animals: Navigating the Changing Public View
  • Internal Communication
  • Resources and Advice for Engaging Volunteers
  • What Nobody Told Us About Being an Executive Director

We will soon post full descriptions and more topics. For registration and other information about the Summit, click here.

The Virtual Summit was my first ANCA Summit and I went in with the assumption that I would learn interesting information, but not feel like I got the benefit of being able to network. After the first set of facilitated discussions this was completely flipped upside down! I was so impressed by how well everyone shared the virtual floor and made sure to include everyone in sessions. As a new participant, I felt welcomed, included, and even made a few contacts to continue conversation with after the conference.

— 2020 Summit Participant

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