Residential Environmental Learning Center

ANCA has helped support Residential Environmental Learning Center (RELC) gatherings since their beginning in 1996. The RELC gathering, offered biennially, brings together executive directors and education leadership staff from residential environmental learning centers across North America. These centers share unique challenges including finding, training and retaining staff; recruiting and preparing participants for multi-day experiences; keeping budgets vibrant during challenging times; facility, food service maintenance, and sustainability; program evaluation; and risk management.

The Residential Environmental Learning Center conference (RELC) is the single most useful gathering of practitioners in the country for residential EE programs. Imagine all of the biggest challenges you have at your center, and in this one weekend gathering you will leave with ideas and ways to approach all of them... from people who have been in the same place as you!
 - John DiDiego, Education Director, Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont

Next Residential Environmental Learning Center Gathering:

Register for the 2019 RELC Gathering, January 18th-22nd in Finland, MN at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center. Read the RELC 2019 flyer here. Register here

If you are looking for notes or documents from past gatherings, please contact ANCA.