The Fascinating Life of Javelinas and Other Peccaries: Ecology, Natural History, Behavior, and Conservation

Thursday, Dec 09 2021


Time:  5pm AKT  /  6pm PT  /  7pm MT  /  8pm CT  /  9pm ET
Host Organization:  Natural History Institute — Prescott, AZ
Price:  Free

The Natural History Institute Speaker Series presents a talk by Dr. Mariana Altrichter, a javelina researcher and conservation biologist. Arizona is home to many interesting wildlife species, including the often-misunderstood collared peccary or javelina. We will learn about this fascinating social species’ life habits, ecology, distribution, and behavior. We will also learn about its close relatives, the other peccaries, who are in a vulnerable situation as they are threatened by deforestation and poaching. (Photo above: Moment of Perception Photography by Heather M Spencer). Dr. Mariana Altrichter is a native of Argentina and has lived in the US since 2001. She received her Master of Science in Wildlife Conservation from the National University of Costa Rica and her Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Cultural Anthropology from UA. Mariana has been doing biological and sociological research for the last 30 years on conservation of biodiversity, use of wildlife by rural and indigenous people, and the interactions between macroeconomics and local people's livelihoods. She is co-Chair of the IUCN Peccary Specialist Group and has been doing research on peccaries in central and south America since 1997. Watch live on YouTube here here.