Effects of climate, habitat, and biodiversity on reproductive performance in Massachusetts Tree Swallows with Dr. Lucy Zipf

Monday, Apr 12 2021


Time:  2pm PT  /  3pm MT  /  4pm CT  /  5pm ET
Host Organization:  Linda Loring Nature Foundation — Nantucket, MA
Price:  Free

North American avian aerial insectivores, including the Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor), are undergoing dramatic population declines. These declines span multiple species of diverse life histories, and thus may be driven by the large-scale environmental changes caused by humans. Here we investigate trends in Tree Swallow reproductive performance over the last three decades, and then test the hypothesis that declines in aerial insectivore reproductive success caused by anthropogenic changes in the breeding habitat, including climate change, decline in insect prey populations, and land management regimes, are contributing to overall population decline. Dr. Lucy Zipf is a community ecologist studying the integrated impacts of co-occurring global changes - climate, habitat, and conservation management - on biological communities in New England. Lucy recently received her PhD from Boston University and is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Wellesley College. Check out more info about Lucy's research projects at lucyzipf.com. This event is free, but pre-registration is required at llnf.org/events