Deciphering Winter Bird Behavior


Time:  4pm PT  /  5pm MT  /  6pm CT  /  7pm ET
Host Organization:  Pickering Creek Audubon Center — Easton, MD
Price:  Free

Ever wonder how overwintering birds survive the cold? Though we’re all familiar with the sight of Canada Geese and other species flying south for the winter in search of more resources, other residential species find ways to stick it out locally. Some have physical adaptations to help them beat the cold, while others change their behaviors. Join us to find out more, and to learn what you can do to help birds all winter long. Learn more and register here.

Sammi majored in Animal Behavior at Franklin and Marshall College, and studied dominance hierarchies in overwintering Carolina Chickadees for her independent senior research project. She’s always been fascinated by why certain animal behaviors have evolved, and how we can study behavior to aid conservation efforts.