Spring "Directions" Journal Now Available

2020 Spring Directions ANCA journal header

Want to hear the latest in news for nature and environmental learning centers? We just released our latest issue of Directions (6mb pdf), the ANCA journal. This spring issue features stories and information about:

  • How the field of nature centers is changing
    • "It is hard to look ahead for normalcy. There is too much unknown, so we need to pace ourselves and stay healthy. We need to maintain our organizations and facilities so our communities have open space, trails, and programs to return to. We cannot remain in crisis mode indefinitely. Instead we need to find moments of calm and opportunities to take a break from making difficult decisions." — Jen Levy, ANCA Executive Director
  • How to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic
    • "Like saving for retirement, the best time to start planning for disaster is many years back, and the second-best time is right now. I’m proud of the way our organization navigated this pandemic so far, so I wanted to share our process in the hopes that it will either help you now or help you the next time you face an unexpected challenge." — Mark McKnight, President/CEO of Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center
  • How to be a calm presence for staff, board, and community during times of chaos
    • "The storm of change requires people and organizations to pivot rapidly. The change you experience now is just one storm of the many your nature center will face. You can stabilize and strengthen your team, center, and board to build organizational resilience. Creating calm out of chaos comes from the advanced work of staying grounded and present, forecasting the weather, building strong dependable teams, and growing an inspiring vision." — Nancy Patterson, Manager of the BLM Campbell Creek Science Center
  • Taking a plant sale virtual with little notice
    • "Postponing this event was not an option due to the timeliness of the event — the concept of the annual Plant & Art Sale is to provide a shopping event right in time for spring gardening. Delaying would miss a crucial planting window. To cancel wasn’t an ideal option either — plants had already been ordered, and having to cancel another large fundraiser would have been another big blow to the Nature Center." — Liz Zabel, Marketing Manager at Indian Creek Nature Center
  • Developing the story behind "The Search for Sandsquatch"
    • There is so much information about the pandemic out there, it is scary and a lot to take on. We want to provide an opportunity for kids to escape everything that is going on in the world and just be with the learning center in a fun, engaging environment.” — Anthony Escobedo, Chief Naturalist at the Dunes Learning Center
  • A pen pal program for kids
    • "This project was meant to be small, a few letters that I would respond to by hand. We never expected the response we have gotten. That Facebook post alone has reached over 30,000 people in the weeks it has been up. I have just over 75 pen pals to-date, with letters coming from as far away as South Carolina and Oklahoma." — Caitlin Stone-Webber, Naturalist at Huron County Nature Center
  • Hosting a blood drive
    • "The idea of hosting a community blood drive at CNC had been one we were planning for in the future, but we had not yet made it a reality. The current situation presented the perfect opportunity to try it — a large empty parking lot, along with a very willing partner, LifeSouth, our local blood drive organization, who was ready to come out and set up a mobile unit within a week of connecting with them." — Alicia Evans, Community Programs Director at Chattahoochee Nature Center

Read the new Directions here (6mb pdf).