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The summer issue of our newsletter Directions is now available for your reading pleasure. This issue features articles on ANCA's 2019 awards, service reviews, the role of nature centers in advocacy, and more, including:

  • "Ken Voorhis is a remarkable professional who has dedicated his entire life to environmental education and nature center management ... He is a visionary leader who works for continuous improvement and takes an organization to the next plateau." — Pat Welch, Retired Executive Director of Pine Jog Environmental Education Center, in ANCA’s 2019 Nature Center Leadership Award, front page  

  • "What do you do when you experience burnout? I think the most important thing is to be honest and let others know how you are feeling. It helps! We do important work and we need to keep doing it." — Jen Levy, Executive Director of ANCA, in Director's Notes, page 2. 

  • "Ann [Wasser] is simply not interested in maintaining market share or in stealing market share. She has shared best practices. She has coordinated curriculum and has been unabashedly open about how nature centers and Severson Dells in particular can best operate with the idea of better serving the region’s nature education needs." — Daniel Huntley, Board President of the Severson Dells Education Foundation, in ANCA’s 2019 Outstanding New Leader Award, page 6 

  • "To reach new audiences, we have to ask people who are different from ourselves what they value and believe. We have to ask them what matters and why, and from where they find meaning." — Connie O’Connor and Kristi Masterson, Cincinnati Nature Center, in These Aren't My People, page 7 

  • "We are involved in a long-game, and we are definitely making a difference. However, in the face of climate change, ocean pollution, massive habitat losses, population growth, urbanization, and numerous other environmental impacts, we need to shorten that 'long-game' as much as we can. Therefore, we need to up our game." — Ben Eldredge, Director of Civic Engagement & Land Stewardship at Cibolo Nature Center & Farm, in Conserving Nature Through Civic Engagement, page 12 

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