Read Fall "Directions" Today!

Header of the Fall Directions

Want to hear the latest in news for nature and environmental learning centers? We just released our latest edition of Directions (6.5mb pdf), the ANCA newsletter. This fall edition features stories and information about:

  • A major study on effective environmental education
    • "While many people, such as the eminent Freeman Tilden, have anecdotally defined what makes environmental education effective, we still have to ask: can we actually quantify effective environmental education?" — Asa Duffee, ANCA Marketing & Communications Coordinator
  • Environmental organizations partnering with medical institutions
    • "I can talk to the community outreach people all day but if they don’t know who in their program is interested in this ... then it’s just the marketing people. Now they actually have some physicians that took part and see the potential." — Jamie Johannsen, Marketing and Community Relations Manager for the Forest Preserves of Winnebago County in Illinois
  • Protocols for active shooter situations
    • "Do you have an active shooter protocol already in place? If so, you have done a very brave thing by facing a troubling issue. If not, it’s a great time to start." — Amber Parker, Executive Director at Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, Tennessee
  • How to prepare and adapt to organizational change
    • "When one or more of the four systems are dysfunctional, change will take longer, bring more challenges, and inhibit lasting achievements. When all four of the core systems are functioning well then change will allow for longer lasting achievements, greater impact, and less challenges." — Corky McReynolds, PhD, CPF, Founder and Principal of LeadTeam Consulting
  • ANCA updates, opportunities, and events
    • "It has been two months since close to 200 ANCA members gathered in Ohio for ANCA Summit XXV, The Evolve Summit, at the Cincinnati Nature Center, and I am still hearing from attendees about how the workshops & sessions, networking, and the opportunity to tour different facilities and programs had benefited them." — Jen Levy, ANCA Executive Director

Read the new Directions here (6.5mb pdf).