Sarah Reding

Events Coordinator

Sarah has been the Events Coordinator since June of 2019. She has worked in the nature center profession for over 35 years as a naturalist and later a manager of education and conservation. She is a strong believer in lifelong learning opportunities for those in the profession. Sarah has numerous experiences coordinating and implementing regional and national conferences.

She has been a member of ANCA for years and was co-chair for ANCA Summit at the Kalamazoo Nature Center. She has also been on the national board of the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) and has co-chaired their national workshop.

When Sarah is not planning an event, you will find her in the woods or waters of Michigan’s Lake Huron Les Cheneaux Islands or leading trips around the US. She loves to ski, SUP board, kayak, hike, backpack, do yoga, and travel with her husband Wil.