Importance of Nature Centers

The benefits of spending time in nature are myriad and diverse. Studies have shown that nature is good for your health by reducing stress and depression while increasing brain functions and strengthening the immune system.

A nature center brings the natural environment to people under the guidance of trained professionals to experience and develop relationships with the natural world. In this era of isolation and disconnection from the land a connection to nature is more important than ever.

Centers that are members of the Association of Nature Center Administrators embrace best practices for managing a nature center. As a result, they offer excellent services to their community in the form of environmental education, outreach and partnerships, stewardship, and sustainability. We proudly recommend our centers! If you are a member of a nature center that participates in the ANCA Reciprocal Program then you can receive benefits at other centers that participate in the program. Find an ANCA center near you as well as centers that participate in the ANCA Reciprocal Program.