Glenna Holstein

Branch Manager of Menomonee Valley at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee, WI

Glenna Holstein is the Branch Manager of the Urban Ecology Center’s Menomonee Valley branch in Milwaukee, WI. The Urban Ecology Center (UEC) consists of three environmental community centers in Milwaukee’s public parks, each of which seeks to foster ecological understanding as inspiration for change, neighborhood by neighborhood. The UEC has experienced strong growth, especially over the last decade, and we have worked creatively with the city, state, county, and our surrounding communities to manage, program, and expand the green spaces where we work.

In her role as branch manager, Glenna oversaw start-up activities for the Menomonee Valley branch (which opened in 2012), including hiring program staff, recruiting schools, outfitting the newly constructed building, and building a pool of constituents. Since then, it has been her job to provide leadership to the branch, which has involved working from an organization-wide perspective on mission and strategy, managing our community-based environmental education programming, and overseeing daily operations at the branch, including program development, reporting, and volunteer and visitor engagement. Glenna’s experience at the UEC as both an Environmental Educator and a Branch Manager has given her experience in program design and delivery, community engagement, and collaboration.

Glenna is delighted to be on the ANCA board. She says she has felt truly blessed to have gotten to experience the ANCA community via summits and consults—there’s nothing quite so satisfying as “finding your people” and ANCA folks are definitely “my people”! She feels that to now have the chance to learn from the leaders of this great organization and help build and nourish this special community, is an absolute privilege.

In her free time, Glenna enjoys hiking, exploring, cooking, singing, building forts, and trying to convince children that cockleburs are really baby porcupines!