Organization: Walking Mountains Science Center
Job Type: Full-Time Temporary
Location: Avon, Colorado
Salary: $16,000 plus housing and tuition
This full time, 2 year and 3-month position at Walking Mountains Science Center is responsible for serving the organization with a personal commitment to awakening a sense of wonder and inspiring environmental stewardship and sustainability through natural science education. The Graduate Fellow position requires dedication to experiential learning, environmental education, natural science education, and life-long learning. The Graduate Fellows teach natural science programming both in the classroom and in the field during our summer science camps, school field programs and afterschool programs. In addition to teaching responsibilities, Graduate Fellows simultaneously participate in a fully funded Master’s program and are enrolled in courses taught at Walking Mountains Science Center and online through the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). Upon successful completion of all required coursework and job responsibilities of the position, Fellows will earn a Master of Arts Degree in Science Education from the University of Northern Colorado. Foley Graduate Fellows report directly to the Youth Programs Director (YPD). The Graduate Programs Director (GPD) oversees all aspects of the Graduate Fellowship component of the position.
Please use the following link to apply:
Closing Date: 11/01/2022