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2020 Summer Directions Header

Want to hear the latest in news for nature and environmental learning centers? We just released our latest issue of Directions (5mb pdf), the ANCA journal. This summer issue features stories and information about:

  • The 2020 ANCA Leadership Awards
    • Andrea [Timpone] is a remarkable leader who strives for excellence, who thoughtfully visions the future and charts a realistic course to achieve goals, and a leader who continuously involves her staff and peers in navigating the course to success. Andrea has distinguished herself with exceptional leadership at her nature center, within our profession and among her peers in the ANCA network.” — Pat Welch, retired executive director of the Pine Jog Environmental Education Center 

    • “When Merica [Whitehall] was hired as the Executive Director ... I was immediately impressed by her sense of community, leadership, and creativity. Her creative vision is professionally communicated to all members of the community, from our Executive Board Members to our part-time seasonal staff.” — Denise Lewis, Director of Raptor Recovery at Fontenelle Forest
  • Addressing racial equity and inclusion at nature centers
    • "Until the murder of George Floyd, racial equity and inclusion had not been a central discussion at Fontenelle Forest even though we have consistently advanced this value in the ways that I’ve shared with you. As we take on this important and difficult work nature centers and environmental organizations must take action to institutionalize systems of change that advance racial equity and demonstrate that indeed, we are all in this together."  — Merica Whitehall, Executive Director of Fontenelle Forest
    • "Actions like these are not limited to organizations with national scope, teams of communications professionals, and hundreds of employees. Any professional nature center organization can adopt equity, diversity, and inclusion, and anti-racism policies." — Loren Smith, Director of Network Development and Strategy at the National Audubon Society

  • ANCA Emeritus Members share lessons learned from crisis
    • "It’s important to learn through what you’re going through.” — Holly Dill, retired executive director of the Environmental Learning Center (Vero Beach, FL)
  • Engaging audiences by publishing books
    • "While the act of creating and printing books is nothing new, technology has advanced in a way that allows for small nonprofits, like nature centers, to step more easily into the realm of publishing ... Being your own publisher opens up a wide range of avenues to create some impactful and eye-catching interpretive media." — James Dake, Education Director at Grass River Natural Area
  • Reopening The Wilderness Center
    • The decision to open vs. staying closed, or closing again will impact your center, staff, members, and you. Please don’t discount the impact these decisions can have on your wellbeing; we have an obligation to take care of ourselves as much as we do others.” — Jeanne Gural, Executive Director at The Wilderness Center
  • Financial planning for nature center staff
    • "Thinking strategically right now when things are down is so important. This is a time when you can make changes in how you approach the operation of your nature center as well as your financial planning." — Brooks Paternotte, Executive Director of Irvine Nature Center
  • Advice for new directors
    • "For the first several months, you may feel the desire to jump right in and take control. Yes, you’ll need to do that on some things for sure, but there is a lot to learn from staff, donors, participants, visitors, and your community by just listening ... without being defensive about anything. In fact, be proactive and ask questions!" — Jason Meyer, President/CEO at Blandford Nature Center and Secretary, ANCA Board of Directors
  • News from ANCA 
    • "The work ahead will be challenging, but I am confident that with the right team of staff and board ANCA will continue to serve our members who are doing the important work of connecting people with nature." — Jen Levy, ANCA Executive Director

Read the new Directions here (5mb pdf).