Organization: Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Job Type: Education & Programming, Full-Time
Location: Columbus, AR
Salary: $49,515
The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) Facility Manager is responsible for planning, directing, or coordinating the operations at the AGFC Education Center Facility. Plans, develops, and conducts educational materials related to specific conservation topics, including curriculum, exhibits, news releases, and multi-media presentations. Presents educational and informational programs to civic organizations, conservation groups, schools, and the general public to increase awareness of the agency mission and education center function. Plans and develops annual budget for facility, personnel, and program planning and operations. Coordinates special events by planning agendas, securing exhibitors or presenters, making arrangements for event needs, and evaluating the success of events. Negotiates and approves contracts with private entities for various projects related to education facility operations. Works with news media to coordinate coverage of education facility programs. Works with school groups and teachers to insure programs address educational needs. Assist at AGFC and Education Division functions statewide.
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Closing Date: 05/21/2019