Exploring with Scientists: Where do moths carry pollen?

Thursday, May 06 2021


Time:  6am AKT  /  7am PT  /  8am MT  /  9am CT  /  10am ET
Host Organization:  Kellogg Biological Station — Hickory Corners, MI
Price:  Free

Exploring with Scientists, an online series, connects upper elementary and middle school students with graduate students conducting ecological research at the Station. Each of the three programs, which will be held on Zoom, will focus on a certain type of animal or insect and touch on how scientists collect data in the field. Participants will be able to submit questions related to natural history, research and science careers.

Join Alice Puchalsky in exploring the Lepidopteran world. Learn about how moths interact with their environment, about their important role as pollinators, and how scientists are working to conserve them. Learn more here.