Fall Directions 2018 Released!

Participants from the 2018 Dream Big Summit enjoy their time with colleagues as they dip their feet in a Quinta Mazatlan pool! Participants from the 2018 Dream Big Summit enjoy their time with colleagues as they dip their feet in a Quinta Mazatlan pool!

Fall Directions 2018 is out! Download it here

Don't miss the cover story: "Wisdom Nuggets" from Two ANCA Emeritus Members, written by Charity Krueger, Retired Executive Director of Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm in Reading, MI and Dick Touvell, Retired Executive Director of Chippewa Nature Center in Midland, MI. These two leaders share three important things they learned from years as Executive Directors in the field including a list of qualities to look for when recruiting staff members. ANCA Executive Director, Jen Levy, shares the latest from ANCA on page 2 in her Director's Notes including an overview of the successes of the 2018 Summit. Find a compilation of Ideas and Resources from the 2018 Dream Big Summit on page 6 including five participants' top takeaways from this year's Summit including ideas for staff affirmation. Follow that up with Summit Firsts on page 9 from David Ellis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Doubleknot, 2018 Dream Big Summit Supporting Sponsor and ANCA Business Partner where he shares his experience as a first-time vendor, presenter, and participant at the Summit including themes emerging from presentations and discussions. Don't worry, we're not just looking back at the 2018 Summit but also excited to share about the 2019 Summit in Reflecting on 2018 and Looking Ahead to 2019 on page 10, by Cory Christopher, Director of Center for Conservation & Stewards at Cincinnati Nature Center in Milford, OH, the site of the ANCA 2019 Evolve Summit! Cory shares his experience at the 2018 Summit and how he and his colleagues are preparing to host next year. Do you have a plan for retirement? Not just to make sure you're OK financially but emotionally and mentally as well? Make sure to read over Robert Mercer's, Retired Director of Silver Lake Nature Center in Yardley, PA, article, Retirement Basics, in our From the Field feature on page 12. Bob offers five things you can do to mentally prepare for retirement. Finally, read about recent and upcoming ANCA events and activities in our Feet on the Ground feature on page 14. As always, thank you to our authors and Business Partners who make publication of Directions possible! We hope you enjoy this edition. 

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