Calling for ANCA Auction Contributions

Please consider helping ANCA raise funds by contributing to our annual Auction. Every year, at our Summit, we hold a Live and Silent Auction. These events are crucial fundraisers for ANCA and we can't succeed without contributions from people like you who support professional development in the nature and environmental learning center field. This year, you can contribute to the Auction in multiple ways: 

1) General Contributions

We are honored by the contribution of any item or vacation package/trip. Generally, items like artwork, books, and local specialties will be placed into the Silent Auction and vacation packages and trips will be put into the Live Auction (Get a sneak peek of pdfLive Auction items here!). Please fill out this form and either send any items to the address below by September 15th or bring them with you to the Summit. If your contribution is a trip, please contact .  

2) Swag Basket

Every year we auction off a themed basket filled with special contributions in the Live Auction. This year, the theme is SWAG. What item is an unexpected big seller in your center's gift store? What crazy branded item did you take a gamble on that actually sold well? What unique item do you offer that you just love? Please consider contributing the most popular, strange, surprisingly popular, and/or your favorite item from your gift store to the basket. Show off your swag!

Please fill out this form and send your contributions to:
Quinta Mazatlan
Attention: ANCA Auction
600 Sunset Drive
McAllen, Texas 78503
by September 15th OR bring them with you to the Summit. 

Each item contributed helps ANCA raise funds to continue to provide professional development services to leaders like you in the nature and environmental learning center field. 

Join us at 7:30pm Friday September, 21st during the 2018 Summit at Quinta Mazatlan World Birding Center for the Silent and Live Auctions! Even if you will not be able to attend, please consider contributing.

Thank you for your consideration!