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"Thanks for all the input, everyone. I love knowing that you're all out there ready to help me with answers."                                                    -  Katie Watson, Pajarito Environmental Education Center

ANCA encourages nature and environmental learning center administrators to register and join the ANCA Google Group. This forum is for people to share ideas, questions, challenges, and successes about the nature and environmental learning center profession. Anyone can join - you do not need to be a member of ANCA or Google. Many administrators from throughout the country use this service to post questions to other nature center professionals.

How to get started on the ANCA Google Group:

1 - Go to our Google Group, and click “Sign in to view this group.”

2 - If you do not have a Google account or do not wish to connect your Google account to our listserve, make sure you are not logged into any Google account, and skip to step 4. If you do have a Google account and want to use it, go to step 3. Please note that you will not be able to change your email address once registered, but that you can register again with a different address.

3 - Sign in, then click on “Apply for membership.” Edit your group settings, including your email preferences. You will receive a confirmation email when you are approved, after which you will be able to see and post to the group, and start receiving emails.

4 - Click “Create an account,” then click “I prefer to use my current email address” beneath “Choose your username.” Fill out the form. A phone number is not required. Google will send you a confirmation email, and if you follow the link, you should be directed back to the ANCA Google Group. Click on “Apply for membership.” Edit your group settings, including your email preferences. You will receive a confirmation email when you are approved, after which you will be able to see and post to the group, and start receiving emails. (If, at the begining of this step, your login information is already filled out, click "Manage accounts on this device," then "Add account," and then you will be able to follow step 4 and find "Create an account.")

How It Works:

Items you post on our Google Group listserve are both posted online and circulated to subscribers via e-mail. You can start a new topic by following the instructions at the bottom of one of the emails, or by logging in (here), and using the "New Topic" button at the top of the page. Messages that are sent will show up to most members as e-mails, and you can choose to respond or not. You have the option to receive all the ANCA e-mails, receive a daily digest of the day's messages, or receive no e-mails (you can log on and read the discussions when you want to). Due to our small staff size, the ANCA office requests that you post your own messages on the list serve. Please note that you do not need a Gmail account to post or recieve messages on the new listserve. 

To edit your preferences:

Log in here and click on the person-and-gear button in the upper righthand of the screen. It will bring up a dropdown menu, where you can edit how your name appears, and your email frequency (every message, daily digest, none, etc). Please note that you cannot change your email address without making a new account. If you wish to do so, please leave the group, log out, and then follow the instructions above in steps 1 and 2 while logged out. Instructions for leaving the group can be found at the bottom of each email and from the group page.


We ask that you do not use the list serve for commercial purposes. If you wish to advertise or have a great market resource for our members, please contact us to inquire about marketing opportunities.

Avoid large attachments. They can disrupt email service for some members. Instead, let users know that a document or form is available and they can contact you directly or provide the website address it can be found at. ANCA will consider posting your document on our website pending review. Contact us about this option. 

Helpful Tips:
• Before making a response, decide whether it is appropriate for the whole group or just the individual.
• Try to keep postings as brief as possible.
• Check to be sure your name and email information are included and correct.

Suggested Topics:
• Questions related to program, facility, governance, fundraising, personnel, etc
• Announcements of professional seminars and conferences
• Job postings
• Grant opportunities
• Calls for nominations to professional awards
• Spreading the word about a great resource

Questions: Contact us

"Although I have nothing to add to this discussion, I just had to log in to say the I LOVE being part of ANCA to be privy to discussions such as this – so interesting and enlightening. Thank you!"
                                                                                          - Margaret Cherre, Pfeiffer Nature Center