Texas Rio Grande Valley Region

Our next managers meeting will be on Thursday July 27th at Quinta Mazatlan in McAllen. Featured speaker will be Debralee Rodriguez of Valley Land Fund. We will also be dedicating a portion of the meeting to the planning and discussion of the upcoming 2018 ANCA Summit. As this is a region wide effort, with many of our sites to be featured and highlighted, we would appreciate your attendance.
As a reminder, the 2017 ANCA Summit registration is opened. ANCA is also accepting scholarship applications for those interested in attending and for whose budgets might be limited. The summit will be held at the McDowell Environmental Education Programs in Nauvoo, AL from August 23-27, 2017.   For information and to register, please visit http://natctr.org/meetings/annual-summit/. The ANCA Summit is wonderful on its own merit, but it will be especially beneficial this year, as we will be involved in hosting next years summit, so I encourage you or your staff to attend if able.  It is not limited to managers.  Lead supervisors and board members will also find worthy content and interaction at the Summit.