Summit Scholarships

ANCA Summit Scholarships are awarded to senior management staff who demonstrate the greatest need and the potential impact the Summit will have on their position. Scholarships are competitive and priority is given to applicants with small budgets and to first-time attendees. Summit Scholarships are not available to applicants who have received two or more scholarships in the past. 

The 2018 Summit Scholarship Application Deadline has now passed. 

“Attending the Summit was a wonderful experience! I met amazing individuals working in amazing places doing amazing programming! It is so beneficial meeting and talking to a variety of folks about what is working for them, new programming ideas and even what doesn’t work. Between the networking and the sessions I came away with new inspirations to enhance my facilities programming. I have already been in contact with a few folks from the conference and am looking forward to collaboration efforts in the future.”- 2017 Magnolia Summit Scholarship Recipient