Jen Levy - Executive Director

Jen Levy has served as the Executive Director of the Association of Nature Center Administrators since May 2007. Her professional experience includes environmental education, nonprofit nature center management, and service on several boards. She has degrees in wildlife management and recreation resource management and her graduate work included the Professional Residency in Environmental Education at Teton Science Schools. With more than two decades of leadership in the profession she serves as the link between the nature center profession and its stakeholders. Please contact Jen with questions about ANCA's programs and services, partnerships and collaborations, and overall strategic direction. Jen enjoys skiing, hiking, and exploring the west in a Shasta Airflyte trailer with her husband Sean and their two mountain mutts.


Caitlin Fader - Marketing & Development Assistant

Caitlin is the Association of Nature Center Administrator's Marketing and Development Assistant. She is an early-career professional with a varied background in digital marketing, conservation, and a master’s degree in sustainable communities. She loves using new technologies to tell inspiring stories that build brands. She also loves long trail-runs with her best friend, Roxy the dog. Please reach out to Caitlin with comments or questions about the website, marketing material, and questions about donating!


Taylia Sunderland - Office & Membership Assistant

Taylia is ANCA’s Office & Membership Assistant. She is currently an undergrad at Utah State University in Logan, UT where she is studying ecology. During the weekends, she volunteers at the Cache Humane Society and loves every minute of playing with the animals. Some of her favorite things to do include camping throughout the early summer and fall months with friends and family as well as ATVing around Utah. For any questions about your ANCA Membership please contact Taylia.

Ann Rilling - Communications Specialist

Ann is currently assisting ANCA with Directions newsletter, graphic design, and other projects as needed. She formerly served on ANCA’s board of directors and as Marketing and Communications Director. Ann’s experience in the nature center profession began in 1994 as co-founder of a nature center in southwestern Colorado. Ever since then she’s been involved in many aspects for several organizations helping promote the profession. Ann has a passion for the environment and all creatures great and small (although she could do just fine without blood sucking insects!).